A Few Words About Us

What does it take to move your business to the next level?

Kosult is an ambitious and innovative consulting firm focused on serving the comprehensive needs of small to medium businesses and specializing in the areas of Sales and Operations. We bring our success and experience to work for you. The Kosult agenda considers working with both the executive and staff members of each client to identify training gaps, create new opportunities, and improve processes and systems in order to streamline the operations within the company with the ultimate goal of increasing overall profit margin.

Kosult’s unique approach is derived from years of experience in a highly effective and lean model of business that revolutionizes the growth of a company. The Kosult team will contribute to the development of strategies, measurement of opportunities and new programs, as well as contribute to the overall road map for our client.

Each engagement will include a period of research and analysis, documentation, consultation and training, and implementation. Officers of the client company will receive deliverable presentations of reviewed material for training, processes and protocols.

Job Opportunities

Sr HR Business Consultant
The individual chosen for this position will responsible for delivering and consulting on Human Resources (HR). Services will include but are not limited to determining strategy, impact, and results for client driven HR initiatives.
Business Coach
The individual chosen for this position is responsible for curriculum contribution as well as client delivery. Kosult Business Coaches will learn the Kosult theories and use those theories side by side with their own experiences to help client businesses take it to the next level.
Sr Business Intelligence Consultant
The individual chosen for this position will be responsible for consulting with Kosult clients. Based on consultation, strategies and implementation plans will be drawn to execute with BI tools or other applicable solution. This individual will also be required to review current systems, understand the current BI solutions in place already and provide strategy and reason for assisting the Kosult client in changes.